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Money-Saving Bathtub Refinishing

Get that much-needed makeover on your old, chipped, and cracked tubs. Let Surface-Pro Inc. in Lexington, Kentucky, wield their bathtub refinishing magic on them. To prevent fail-safe and callback hassles, we reglaze bathtubs in homes, hotels, motels, and more using only the finest materials and processes from Europe.

Bathtub Refinishing and Reglazing

For more than 20 years Surface Pro Inc. has given sparkling new life to old, worn, and stained bathtubs, tile, and porcelain fixtures. Many families throughout the US already know firsthand the quality and beauty of the Surface Pro reglazing system.

We create brilliant, mirror-glass colors that last and last. Surface Pro employs a unique reglazing system that bonds the color directly into the finish. This process keeps colors strong and vibrant and resists fading like no other bathtub reglazing system. And the best part of all, you can choose any color you like currently available from plumbing manufactures, or we can match any color sample to create a custom sample of your liking.


You might expect to pay an enormous sum to have your Bathtub and tile completely restored. If you've ever considered replacing your existing fixtures, you may know already how expensive that can be. You might also expect to be without the use of your bathroom for days or even weeks with standard construction or remodeling-- not with Surface Pro. Your newly refinished bathtub or tile will be ready for use in just 24 hours.

Your new bathtub is only a phone call away. For more information about our bathtub reglazing, bathtub refinishing, or any other service offered by Surface Pro Inc., please fill out our online contact form, and one of our friendly representatives will quickly respond to any questions you might have whether you live in Lexington, Louisville, or Florence, Kentucky.

Contact us in Lexington, Louisville, or Florence, Kentucky to inquire about our time-saving bathtub refinishing services.